Ice Dance

Sharing some of the beautiful written art of Paul Lenzi, poet nonpareil ~ Please go to his original post to Comment, thank you!

Poesy plus Polemics

ice “Ice Skating Dancers” by Kristin Gaze

man and woman

at one with

a rhythm

smooth elegant


so fluent

expressive of

passionate poetry

conjugal whispers

of skates

urging sensual


arcs that inscribe

the cloud-white

iced ballroom

each lift and

athletic embrace

bespeaks forms of

exquisite perfection

eliciting sighs

from this poor

enrapt witness

awed by the

grasp that such


beauty and grace

will forever be

out of his reach

this is love of a kind

artful stylized intense

though it lives

a mere moment

a powerful

beautiful moment

but one that

fast fades with the

flower of youth

like the already dying

red roses of accolade

strewn at the stilled

lovers’ feet in that

syntax of silence

that speaks

deep contentment

an echo to fill

an arena between

end of dance

and ovation

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