Winter Roses

Winter roses left at her door

Someone remembered that she

Missed him more than ever before

White petals edged with dusk and

Dew—frosted, lying against the snow

Someone remembered her heart

Was yet aching, still breaking—even though

Long years had passed—as tides which continue

Their rhythmic washing away of the shore

Someone remembered that no one now

Would bring her pale roses anymore

White winter flowers to mark the day

Someone remembered that he

Was all she’d had of love, a tattered dream

Someone remembered that he

Was pale roses—mere shadow clung to

While she walked the floors of silent dark

In solemn vigil….  What did she pray

What was she waiting, hoping for

Throughout those hours, nights of her life

Someone remembered her—clouded

Child of autumn beauty she’d been

How she breathed the peppery perfumed

Roses, and smiled when he said, “come away”

©Sandal Teaberry, 2011 ~ All rights reserved.