Springtime Personalities (3LineTales)

photo by Wynand van Poortvliet via Unsplash


“Oh gosh, I LOVE Spring…the sun’s warmer, everything’s bursting in bloom…even the sky looks bluer…makes me want to sing and dance out loud…can’t you feel the electric vitality coursing from your head to your toes!!?”


“Okay…I guess it just makes you pensive…”

©Sandal Teaberry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Three Line Tales, Week 111

Blooms of Destiny


To bloom

Spring blossoms

Nature wakes from

Winter’s bare-branch sleep

Joyous resurrection

Hued-spectrum’s zesty fragrance

Stirs renewal lifting spirits

Churns energy for inspiration

Hopes, dreams pulse; destiny pregnant with fruit

©Sandal Teaberry, 2018 ~ All rights reserved.

Image and prompt words:  Sammi Cox